Road Trip 2021 – Mothers Day

Rita and I recently embarked on our first road trip of 2021 and while it was supposed to be the first of two, a minor injury forced us to cancel the second half of our trip. The single visit to Texas was the original plan but changed to minimize the cross-country driving.

On May 5, Rita and I headed for Texas – destination Kingsland to see my Mom on Mothers Day. This was not intended to be a leisurely drive, so we took the interstate most of the way. Fortunately, road conditions were good and traffic was relatively light, but what traffic there was consisted primarily of semi-trucks — by the hundreds. All I can say is highway driving is so boring.

Part of the trip would have taken us near Dallas at rush hour so we decided to use the backroads in East Texas which turned out to be a very nice drive. In most cases, the backroad speed limits are 70, so we were not delayed by more than an hour. Once we hit the backroads my plan was to swing by Snow’s Barbecue but that didn’t happen.

Aside from seeing my Mom, we decided this would be a good opportunity to use Airbnb for the first time –  we were not disappointed. I had scanned the area several times to find the right location and then I saw it – assuming the pictures were accurate – a place that reflected our lifestyle and tastes. All I can say is that this has set the bar for what an Airbnb stay should be. Charles and Gay, the proprietors, have created a Hill Country location that is more experience than just a place to crash. Since our plans had us away from the house most of the time, we were not able to really get the full experience. If you are going to be in the Marble Falls area or even Austin (if you are willing to commute), we highly, highly recommend it.

The visit didn’t lend itself to a lot of images I want to share (mostly family), but here are a few from the grounds on and around our Airbnb location.

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