A Trip to Texas

Doe and two spotted children grazing by the golf course

Most of this month (August 2022) we have spent in Texas helping to care for my mom as she battles cancer. While we didn’t have any opportunities to sightsee or enjoy the cuisine, we had an enjoyable time just spending time with her. The first two weeks were very hot and dry, and the area had been without rain for some 100 days, but by the end of our stay, there were three to four days of fairly good ran — heavy at times but mostly ground saturating.

Karen Walker 1970

The Cancer

What started out as a spot of cancer in one lobe of the lung quickly exploded after the surgery to remove it. Surprising the physicians at the speed and scope of the spread, the cancer quickly made its way through the body and has now entered the brain. While a cure is impossible, the treatment — both immunotherapy and radiation — are intended to give her a decent quality of life. If all goes perfectly, as much as two years of a new normal can be expected, but if not, we only have a few weeks or months.

My Mom

I always knew my mom was a good woman, but her battle with cancer has shown me even more. She maintains a positive attitude and is as kind as ever. In and around Kingsland every person we met knew my mom and had nothing but wonderful things to say about her. Her kind and loving eyes greet each person as an individual, and she is so gracious to the nursing staff and the doctors.

My Beautiful Wife

While I do not have much else to say at this point, this is the first of several public attempts to thank my wife for her compassion while caring for my mom — it would have been impossible without her. From day-to-day necessities to 2 am ice cream socials, she did everything to make my mom comfortable.

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